Richard Bishara – Top 7 trending digital marketing strategies in 2021

Digital marketing spends have been growing significantly and will continue throughout the year. Bridget Perry, CMO at Contentful, says that they’ve found a digital innovation gap between what customers demand and what brands are currently capable of delivering. That’s why the digital leaders across the industries divulge how much they plan to spend, on average, 25% more on digital in 2021. This 25% is just an average number — some marketers plan to spend much more than that. CMOS who aren’t planning to scale up their digital marketing budget will soon be outpaced by competitors.

Richard Bishara – Top 7 trending digital marketing strategies in 2021

Meanwhile, it becomes vital to be aware of digital marketing trends to leverage the best out of them.

Who makes the strategies trending?

Marketers’ community collaborates with multiple departments and companies. It constantly keeps track of the past and current campaigns and measures the best results. When the successful results are connected to the all-time needs and goals of organizations, the activities become the trends.

Trending digital marketing strategies for this year

1. Plugging virtual events into the marketing funnel

In 2020, virtual events led the digital world by intensifying customer relations and increasing the trustworthiness of the brands. As the pandemic shifted many physical setups into cost-effective digital setups, many startups are getting incorporated. The scenario has made it arduous for consumers to choose the best product from a long list. Meanwhile, the companies that led virtual events to connect with prospective customers, shared value with them, listened to them, and understood their requirements led their respective industries now. So, it is indeed the trend of 2021 also.

Undeniably, prospects get triggered by the spoken words with displayed emotions. Thereby, multiple channels like Slack, Zoom for live webinars, Facebook Live, and many more have been on-demand by annual events, trade shows, and engagement events. Richard Bishara has completed many business projects driven by virtual events. Not only the product team gets excited to share their feelings but also consumers feel it worth attending. Hence, it is going to be the leading trend in 2021.

2. Increased customer-centricity

When SEO first came into place, many home marketers had started producing content overflowed with keywords. Thus, the importance of content value went down, and the race of being shown on the first page of the search engine went up. However, brands have understood that there is no worth being on the first page if the traffic bounces back. If a visitor doesn’t find any value in the content, why would he revisit the site? Even he’ll remember the site name not to visit again. Hell!

As per the understanding, customer centricity has increased, and marketers would align with the 2021 digital marketing trend of keeping customers value in front before planning any campaign. The content strategy would be for people, not only for Google. It would give an authentic experience to the audience by leading it with actual conversations.

3. Dependability on Analytics

Marketers are predicted to rely on deep data insights to understand existing customer perceptions and deliver value to prospects. They don’t want to continue with guesswork anymore. They seek strategic planning according to the past data for choosing the right content, the right channel, and the right target audience. They want to lead their sequence of events on the analytical path for a higher ratio of conversions. Tools like Google Analytics and other deep analysis software would be on top priority in 2021.

4. Cross-channel integrations will continue to grow

The trend of integrating multiple channels into each other is growing to make campaigns more effective. The technique of marketing a product on all the media altogether would increase significantly in the upcoming months.

For example, Facebook profile links can be integrated into Instagram, and Facebook Instagram LinkedIn links can be combined with the website. The website can be promoted through Google AdWords or all of the social media channels.

5. Local SEO

Local SEO is in high demand. Marketers are running behind this trend because the local SEO algorithm is very targeted and easy to follow. One needs to sign up for Google My Business and claim the listing with keywords, business details, and more for a higher ranking on search engines. Registration on Google My Business improves its online searches and displays it to the local people frequently.

People usually search like “gym near me,” so the local search boosts the business.

6. Visual search

Images and videos are more appealing than the text. They create a long-lasting impact on the viewer. Digital marketing managers like Richard Bishara keep graphic designers an inseparable part of their teams for innovative and valuable videos. The designers would create appealing images of products that sit in the minds after the very first blink.

The basic techniques to implement SEO visual search are

  • Including alt text in the image descriptions
  • Adding images to sitemaps
  • Including SEO keywords in the filenames
  • Using HD snippets

Moreover, visual search also defines the way of asking and answering queries with images. The person can click a photo to find the similar colors and designs of a product.

7. Influencer marketing

Word of mouth marketing is always productive, and influencer marketing is another side of the coin only. Influencer marketing focuses on amplifying the brand message to a large audience in the form of influencer followers. Thus, according to Richard Bishara, the large market created by well-known celebrities on social media channels is a boon for companies. Influencer marketing is worth the trend because 58% of people in the past months purchased the products after the influencer’s recommendation.

Artificial Intelligence is incorporated into influencer marketing to find the right influencing partner easily. It determines the influencer’s influence and predicts incentives with ANN.

Wrap up

So these are the seven industry-leading digital marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2021. You must embrace new tools, technologies, and techniques to align with modernization and stay ahead of competitors. If digital marketing is the soul of digital businesses, trends are its backbone.

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