What Does Fire Restoration Include?

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What Does Fire Restoration Include?

Smoke odor removal

The first step to eliminating smoke odor is to clean solid surfaces. This includes doors, cabinets, and walls. You may need to wash these multiple times. Make sure to use a safe detergent. Carpets should be cleaned with a combination of hot water and white vinegar.

Smoke odor removal requires professional assistance. Smoke odors can remain in your home for a long time. Professionals will inspect your home to see where smoke odors have settled and areas that need to be cleaned and restored. Once they have finished, they will remove the smell from your property.


Insurance for fire restoration Phoenix services can help you cover the cost of fire restoration after a disaster. A professional restoration company will work with your insurance company to help you determine what the damage is and what it will cost. They are trained and experienced in restoration and can help you work within your insurance coverage limits.

Fire restoration Phoenix services can restore your home or business after a fire. These companies are bonded and insured and can help you rebuild your home safely and quickly. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands with the expertise of a third-generation family-owned company. They specialize in board-up and structural repairs and have an electrical department. They also have technicians who can rebuild interior and exterior structures.

Complete restoration of damaged property

Fire restoration Phoenix services include the restoration of damaged property and the replacement of damaged furniture and appliances. A team of trained professionals provides these services to assess the damages caused by the fire and restore your home to its former glory. Whether your home was destroyed or only partially damaged, fire restoration professionals are prepared to respond to your call and begin the restoration process as soon as possible. Depending on the extent of damage, they may remove damaged items from your property and transport them to a facility off-site.

Fire restoration Phoenix services will remove and restore damaged furniture, appliances, and drywall. They will install drying equipment so that the property will be arid. Once the property is dry, they will start the cleaning process. They may also use deodorizing agents to remove lingering smoke odors. Sometimes, they will also use antimicrobial agents to halt mold growth. Once the property has been cleaned, rebuilding may begin.

Lead paint certification

In Arizona, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administers lead-based paint certification programs. A certified firm can only work with lead-based materials and follow safe work practices. However, these regulations are costly and cumbersome for businesses. Therefore, EPA-accredited courses are required by the RRP rule and must be completed and submitted by companies that deal with lead-based materials.

The EPA has a program that helps fire restoration companies comply with lead-safe practices. This program works with the state and the Department of Justice to ensure that businesses and employees follow the rules. Noncompliant companies will be subject to legal penalties and could lose their business. The EPA also has programs in other states.

Lead paint removal

Lead-based paint is a dangerous hazard that has been around for many years. When disturbed, it can cause lead dust to spread throughout the home. A professional fire restoration company specializing in lead paint removal and lead-safe practices can help you remove lead paint safely and effectively.

Lead paint removal requires specialized equipment and certified technicians. An EPA-certified company should perform the process to protect the people in residence. This process can be quick and painless, and it eliminates the risk of exposure to lead-based paint. However, lead-based paint must be removed entirely, or it can cause severe health problems for those who live in the house.

Dry vent cleaning

When your home is damaged by fire, you will need to have it restored to its original condition, and part of that process includes fire restoration Phoenix services like dryer vent cleaning. This service can help prevent the development of allergies in your home and keep you and your family healthier by reducing allergens and creating a more comfortable living space.

Clogged dryer vents can become a severe fire hazard and increase the cost of maintaining your property. Restoration 1 technicians can clean your dryer vent and ensure that you and your tenants are safe.

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